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What is a Russian banya? Русская баня

Ба́ня is the traditional Russian sauna.

Visiting banya is good for your health and skin, it makes your immune system stronger and reduсes stress.

Many Russians have a private banya for the family in their country houses (дача). Large cities have banyas that are open to the general public.

A classic Russian banya is heated with firewood. There should be at least three rooms: предба́нник, душева́я и парна́я.

You should get naked when you go to banya.

We add some water onto the stones, which increases humidity and temperature in парная. A gentle lashing with the venik is good for the skin. It relaxes your muscles and makes your skin smooth.

When leaving the sauna (парная), you should take another shower, then you can go to the swimming pool or throw on yourself a bucket of cold water.

Never drink alcohol before going to баня. Drink warm herbal tea with honey.

Relax and enjoy your time!

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