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Learn the Russian Alphabet | Русский алфавит. Учимся читать по-русски

Reading syllables. Hard and soft consonants.

Reading syllables

Practice reading combinations of consonants and vowels

Hard and soft consonants. 7-letter spelling rule. Pay attention to the pronunciation of the vowels ы and и. The letter ы never occurs as the first letter in the word.

Letters ь and ъ. Pronunciation of я, ё, ю, е.

The letter ь indicates the softness of the preceding consonant. The letter ъ indicates the hardness of the preceding consonant.

ь, ъ are only letters, they don't have sounds of their own and cannot be pronounced in isolation.

Unpaired soft and hard consonants

For almost every consonant Russian has two sounds: a hard consonant and a soft consonant. There are three unpaired hard consonants: ж, ш, ц and three unpaired soft consonants ч, щ, й.

How to sound like a native Russian speaker

In a few words the letter г is pronounced [в]. In a root г is pronounced [г].

In a few words the letter ч is pronounced [ш].

The combinations тся and ться can be seen only in some verbs endings and both are pronounced [ца].

What is the difference between Б В З Э Ы Ъ Ь Ю Ф?

Practice your pronunciation

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